The art of the perfect paint finish

The finish of your signage ultimately creates your clients first impression and even the slightest blemish could result in dissatisfaction. Applelec Sign have perfected the art of the painted finish, offering both powder coat and wet paint options to meet your needs, but why would you select one option over another?

Powder coating uses RAL references to ensure consistency. The baking process ensures the quickest turn around and the powder used creates the least waste. The experts within the Applelec Sign Team ensures the matt, gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish you’ve requested achieves the best finish and fulfils your expectations.

Wet paint uses Pantone references providing an extensive range of colour options including metallic finishes. The wet paint cures to achieve a flawless finish and can be used on all materials, including acrylic as it does not utilise the heat temperatures required in a baking process. Applelec offer a full range of paint effects to achieve the optimum impact.  

Speak to your Applelec Sign Account Manager to discuss the best option for your project.

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