Applelec LED Light Sheet

Manufactured in the UK by Applelec to your requirements, award winning, Applelec LED Light Sheet is a versatile backlighting unit which delivers bright, even illumination.

Featuring a slim profile of 3mm, 6mm or 8mm, our versatile Applelec LED Light Sheet can be used as a space saving solution for fascia signage, where it eliminates the need for a built-up metal back tray that would usually house fluorescent tubes - reducing the bulkiness of the sign and the cost of the  tray.

Applelec LED Light Sheet reduces sign depth from 100mm to 30mm as the light panel is mounted directly behind the acrylic backing-sheet. Top and bottom aluminium angle fixing rails are used to mount the tray to the wall similar to conventional sign trays.

Even illumination with endless possibilities

Using patented 3D V-cutting technology, a clear PMMA acrylic is etched with a uniform matrix and cut to your specified shape and size.

Thermally managed LEDs in a range of Kelvin colour temperatures or with RGB colour-changing properties are then securely embedded into the sheet in a second patented technique which ensures the unit is robustly constructed and runs cool to the touch.

The etched matrix acts as a vehicle to transport light from the LEDs across the surface of the panel to deliver homogeneous illumination. Applelec LED Light Sheet can be created to suit internal or external installations and fitted with lighting controllers to comply with the aesthetic requirements of your project.


Applelec are the exclusive SloanLED UK distributor. Whilst acting as a distributor, Applelec also uses these premium modules within our Icon and Apex range of products.

Offering an impressive 10 year warranty, SloanLED products have been leading the advancement of LED technology since 1957. Utilising the highest calibre components, the quality, brightness and energy-efficiency of SloanLED products make SloanLED systems a superior choice for a wide range of signage projects. This extensive range of solutions has also been certified as delivering the brightest lighting option in their class.

Applelec’s focus on energy efficient LED signage means that every SloanLED quote we produce features a calculation of the sign’s projected energy use as standard, providing you with the perfect sales tool when speaking with your customer.

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