Rimless face lit

The Pica range of rimless products offers a diversity of exceptional finishes that unleash creative boundaries without compromising your budget. These built up metal letter have an acrylic illuminated face that covers the entire face. Precision manufacturing methods ensure quality is guaranteed to deliver a striking and unique impact.

Rimless face lit


Applelec’s Rimless letters combine sophisticated construction techniques with an elegant finish.They are constructed using a built up metal letter that is combined with an acrylic iluminated face. The acrylic covers the entire face of the letter providing a robust and evenly lit surface that runs cool to touch.

Perfect for the hotel and leisure industries or for luxury retail brands, standard or bespoke fonts and unique logo shapes can all be created using the construction process of the range.

LED colour options include cool white, warm white, red, green, yellow, orange, blue and RGB (colour-changing). The uniquely sealed letters are suitable for interior and exterior applications and are supplied individually or mounted onto signage manufactured by Applelec.

Through clever fabrication, the rimless letter range can achieve an incredibly narrow stroke width of just 3mm, by carefully shaping the sides of the letters. Created in 30mm block acrylic the letters are embedded with LEDs and can be constructed with a maximum IP67 protection rating for external applications.