Projecting Signs are a great alternative for small shop frontage and offer greater visibility in busy competitive areas

Projecting signs are fabricated to customer specification by our sign production team. Often used as secondary identity branding for shop front signage, projecting signs are designed to increase shop visibility, particularly to pedestrians walking along the street below. ‌

‌Applelec’s range of projection signs are created with branding to one or both sides of the suspended sign face. Illumination can be accommodated within the internal steel support structure of the sign using LED modules or with Applelec’s LED Light Sheet. Our award winning, LED Light Sheet is used to create the slimmest of illuminated projecting signs with a double-sided sign of just 60mm possible. ‌

‌An alternative illumination method comes in the form of Applelec’s trough lights, including our super slim LED trough light, which features a 28mm diameter. Secured to the upper frame of the projecting sign, trough lights are positioned to shine down onto the single or double sided sign face. A variety of fixing methods are available from Applelec to complement our projecting signage, including weight calculated wall plates.

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