Design & Specification

Applelec are industry specialists when it comes to signage manufacturing and engineering. Over the years, we have combined our expertise with the latest technology to help you deeply understand product specifications, avoid design pitfalls, and help you sell your concepts to your customers.



Certain projects will require structural calculations and approvals to meet safety standards. Applelec offer a service, to establish the structural requirements and attain official approval. This ensures that your project is right first time, safe and secure.



Construction drawings are required at the manufacturing stage of custom made signage products. Should customers require construction drawings at an earlier stage in the project, then Applelec can supply standard constructions drawings on request. Usually for larger projects and roll outs specific construction drawings are required. In this case our team of experts can produce the highly detailed, professional engineering drawings to suit...



Custom made signage plays a vital role in attracting attention, promoting brands, and setting reputations. That is why it important to be able to visualise the finished product, at the concept stage of a project. To achieve this, Applelec have invested in technology and services to enable you to visualise the project before it is made. 3D renders, video animation and augmented reality can be produced at the early stages of projects when you collaborate with Applelec.