What we do

Since 1998 Applelec have been an expert trade-only UK manufacturer of signage solutions. We understand that our customers need more than a product, they need a specialist manufacturer that they can rely on. ‌ ‌That is why everything we do, is aimed at enabling you, empowering you and supporting you: so that you can be the best at what YOU do.

How we make the

The services you receive as standard

Custom made

Applelec signage products are all custom made to your design

Fitting template

Full manufacturing drawings and fitting templates are created for each job.

Wiring diagram

Where applicable a wiring diagram will be ‌e-mailed and a printed copy is packed with your order.

The added extra's available
Engineered drawings

Engineered drawings are created by Applelec's in-house design engineer.

Free training

A wide range of training is available at a time and location convenient to you and your team.

Configure this online

instant quotes are available using Quick Quote, our online signage configurator.

Product samples

Applelec have a variety of sample cases available. Discuss which option would be best for you with your Account Manager

Structural advice

Structural advice and calculations needed to conform to the required safety and structural regulations can be provided.

SignPik distribution

Speak to your Account Manager to become a SignPik distributor or go to: applelec.co.uk/signpik to sign up today.

If we connected
‌ the LED's we use in a year, the
‌chain ‌would reach into space!

‌In-house manufacturing is
‌located within our 6 acre business

park in Yorkshire

Applelec proudly opened
‌its ‌doors in 1998

We fully recycle 73% of all
‌our waste material