Applelec Neon come in a range of styles; from fun to sophisticated, they always create a striking impact.

This low voltage, safe to touch and easy to install product is a robust alternative to tradition neon signs. With a coloured or clear finish the glass tube appearance is enhanced by the light refraction of the oval prism face transferred from the energy efficient LED light source.



Admit it, at some point in your life you must have wanted a neon sign. We know everyone here at Applelec has. It would have transformed a teenage bedroom into a den or clubhouse and made you the epitome of cool! However as beautiful as they are, not every situation and location is suited to a real neon sign. If that is the case, the Applelec's range of LED neon signs are the perfect alternative! 

Not only is it lifelike and incredibly bright, it's only 12v so is completely safe to touch. There is a huge choice of colour options allowing you to incorporate lots of vibrancy into your design or display. 

The rounded semi circular face is created with clear polished acrylic giving a real retro glass neon look! The sides can be colour matched to the face or supplied in a metallic finish depending on your theme. This beautiful guarantees no visible spotting is cool to the touch and is suitable for internal and external use. 

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