Block Acrylic

Block acrylic can be used to achieve a modern crystalline finish for a wide range of signage products. 

This versatile and robust option achieves the impact of glass in an array of vibrant colours, whilst removing associated risks.

Block Acrylic


Block acrylic letters have become immensely popular over the last couple of years providing a perfect solution for point-of-sale and internal retail branding.

These letters are CNC cut from a block acrylic sheet, usually around 30mm thick. Purpose made LED’s are then inserted into the letter and the sides and back are wet sprayed to suit your style. The luminance levels are much brighter than fabricated letters, especially in small sizes. Whilst, block acrylic letters enable tighter serifs and strokes to be achieved, that might not have been possible in a traditional letter.

Applelec offer a wide variety of acrylic colours and distinctive effects enabling your creativity and enhancing your design.

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