Making the difference

There are many considerations when choosing a sign and the Applelec Team will guide you through these to create the most effective impact. Get ready to be inspired.

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Where is your sign being placed?


There are lots of possible factors to consider once the location of the sign has been identified. Will the design and look of the sign blend comfortably into its new environment? If within touching distance how secure are all the component parts. If maintenance is required eg. regular dusting, have all sharp edges been softened. ‌ 

‌If externally located, assess which way the sign is facing. Mirror polished steel letters on a south facing sign are often impossible to read. ‌

‌With this understanding and expertise our trusted professionals will provide the right advice for your signage project.

Choosing the
‌right material


The materials selected will make the difference to your signs success and the life span of the sign itself. Here at Applelec we look to integrate recycled and eco-friendly materials whenever we can, whilst ensuring the highest quality.

‌Signage creates a long-lasting impression, that can define a brand. Whether you are aiming to make a fun and vibrant impact or achieve a subtle, sophisticated effect, our creative signage professionals will find the solution that is right for you.

Size matters


For maximum legibility we recommend that lettering needs to be 30mm high for every 3m of viewing distance. For example, you should be able to read a sign that is 300mm high from 30m away. ‌

‌This should be a key factor in the design and layout of your wording. We recommend that built up letters should have a return depth of 10% of the letter height to maintain legible proportion.

Making your sign shine


Applelec LEDs are a cost effective low energy lighting solution that will make your signage stand out. The diverse range of illuminated signage options Applelec offer will benefit your clients marketing message, ensuring they get the maximum exposure. This is supported with technical information demonstrating how much the sign will cost per year to run. ‌ ‌ 

‌All white light is not the same. Applelec offer a range of white light colour temperatures known as Kelvin Temperatures. We work with you to select the right warm or cool shade to compliment the finish of your sign and its location. ‌ 

‌If you are looking for coloured illumination to compliment your design, Applelec offer a full spectrum of options and can advise on how to best achieve the desired effect.

Release your imagination and create the impossible


The Applelec Team create unique and previously unachievable shapes and finishes. We work with clients from concept to development, manufacturing signage and prototypes that are visibly striking ‌ ‌

‌Show your customers what makes you different and then work with us to create something unique!

Got a project we can help with?


Manufacturing the sign you need to the size you want, Applelec have the experience and expertise to provide impressive commercial signage solutions. on a single site or as part of a rollout Your Account Manager will replace uncertainty with expertise at every step, supporting you until both you and your customer are happy.