Anodised: Doing things differently

Anodised signage is an art to perfect, and one that many companies are cautious to offer. As beautiful as it can be tricky, anodised signage can often be perceived as an expensive option, which can show the natural flaws of the material. However, Applelec Sign offers a range which overcomes both obstacles to create a beautifully anodised product, which stands apart from other flat cut finishes to compliment any design.

The unique grained and brushed detail achieved by Applelec Sign’s vibrantly coloured flat-cut anodised signage is both distinctive and striking. This hardwearing material offers resistance to corrosion, which makes it less likely to crack and peel, and has meant that their anodised products have fast become a favourite with Appelec Sign’s clients and their clients’ customers alike.

Andy Armitage, Applelec Sign’s Head of Customer Engagement explains “Applelec Sign’s anodised finish is a really noteworthy option, providing signage companies and designers with something uniquely different to offer clients. It creates a beautiful impact that is supported with the Applelec quality guarantee and customer support.”

The bonded anodised finish is achieved through a polished, lacquered, and painted process, giving the aluminium a strengthening protection which is suitable for both internal and external signage, even in the most extreme environments. The anodising process ensures colour stability whilst retaining the appearance of the finish for longer. This not only increases the product’s lifespan but provides a low maintenance signage solution, ensuring long-term value.

Applelec Sign’s anodised colour finishes liberate flat-cut lettering design restrictions, providing endless opportunities for creativity. Ranging from bright and vibrant to more classic tones, the colours offer a depth and richness that is distinct and beautifully finished, making them a perfect option for eye-level signage requirements. 

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