A new way of working together

As we all adapt to the new normal, signage and lighting solution manufacturer Applelec Sign has been looking at how they can better support their customers. With a mission to understand and support changing needs, Applelec Sign’s solutions have included new resources including video chat on their website. Through video chat, face-to-face meetings have continued with the useful ability of sharing screens to ensure full transparency and understanding of projects, without compromising personal customer service.

Applelec have also launched a range of online training courses, the first session of which is entitled ‘Illuminated Lettering: A step-by-step guide to delivering a successful project’. These training sessions are free-of-charge and are available to all companies by contacting Applelec to organise a time that is appropriate. Applelec’s Andy Armitage, who delivers the sessions is aware that “many customers have suffered during these challenging times, however, by evolving and working together there are opportunities to work better and work smarter in the future. Online training is one of the ways we can provide the support our customers need, delivered when they want it”.

Andy states “by the end of the Illuminated Lettering session, attendees will be able to confidently understand how to deliver a successful illuminated sign, and be aware of some of the pitfalls that could cause customer dissatisfaction. Creating the right illuminated signage solution can be easy once you fully understanding what the client wants, and are aware of the techniques that can be used to achieve this. By considering the environment in which the sign will be placed, control options available and the difference that can be made by selecting the right kelvin temperature, customer satisfaction can easily be achieved”.

To book your training course contact Applelec by going to www.applelec.co.uk or calling 01274 774477.

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